Airsoft Expert: Waldo

Click for more details! Why do you love airsoft?

Its fun, its adrenaline pumping and it’s a great way to shoot your friends.

What are your favourite airsoft pistols? The PT99; it’s CO2 powered, has a metal construction and is capable of firing full-auto. Also, the price is reasonably nice.

What are your favourite airsoft AEGs?

M4A1 by Cybergun; it’s relatively inexpensive and it’s very reliable. I bought it because of the availability of M4 parts and the option for future upgrades.

What airsoft guns do you own? Why did you purchase these guns? What do you like about them?

The M4A1 by Cybergun

  • It’s affordable and has never jammed on me using King Arms Bio 0.2’s.
  • I like the extra magazine that it comes with

Do you have a favourite sniper rifle? My favourite sniper rifle is the Barrett M107 because it’s semi-auto and propels a 0.50 gel round. Snipers are a deadly asset on the battlefield and can be used to drive fear into the enemy.

What’s your favourite airsoft games and why?

Team deathmatch with limitless lives and capture the flag on a large map.

Which is your favourite the M4/M16 or AK-47 and why?

They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. But, because there are M4’s that have been converted to accept AK-47 magazines and proved to be as durable and reliable as the AK. For those reasons I will say that the AK is better.

How did you first learn about airsoft?

A friend of mine had a bunch of airsoft guns that we used to battle with in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

What size airsoft speed-loader do you use? 

A speed-loader with a 90 round capacity.

What’s your tactical turn offs? 

Guys with too many lasers, flashlights, or having way too much flare. It’s just tacky.

What’s your tactical turn ons?

A properly sighted laser scope to increase accuracy, as well an adjusted hop-up.

What brands of airsoft gear are you most familiar with?

The Cybergun, G & G, and King Arms.

What types of gun are you most familiar with? (M4, AK…)

The M4, M1911, M9, and the  M1A1.

What are your preferred games modes/playing styles? 

I prefer team death match and capture the flag.

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