Airsoft Shooting Competition

Congratulations to our winners!  Thank you for participating in the 2017 Family Day Target Shooting Competition!


Think you the best shot in London Ontario? On occasion, we provide you a chance to prove it with our airsoft shooting competitions. The fastest shooter in each category wins a prize! In the last competition, we had two age categories; 13 and under and 14 and over.

Previous Contest Prizes:
13 and younger: AK47 Spetsnaz airsoft rifle ($129 value)

14 and older: PAR 300-L airsoft rifle ($299 value )

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The Rules of the Competition Are Simple
  • The shooting competition is a timed accuracy event. There are 6 targets that light up randomly with a red or green LED light in the middle. After you shoot one lit target another target will light up. Your goal is to shoot all eight of them as they light up as fast as possible. The shooter to shoot all six targets in the fastest time wins the competition.
  • You can choose to use an AK-47 assault rifle, G36 assault rifle, Colt M4 assault rifle, SCAR-L assault rifle, the Bersa BP9CC airsoft pistol or you can choose to bring in your own airsoft guns (airsoft 6mm only). Please note that if using green gas gun that they must use green gas. Due to the smell we don’t allow plain propane to be used in our range.
  • Everyone entering the contest must sign a waiver in order participate.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age or have parent/guardian sign waiver.
  • Everyone entering must wear safety glasses, and practice safe weapons handling.
  • Cost is $2.99 per entry.
  • There is no limit on the number entries that any player can make but only your fastest time will be counted.


Our current Tactical Adventures Hall Of Fame


Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Name: Kyle Springer | Time: 4.327000

Name: Mike Walne | Time: 4.593000

Name: Khai Tran | Time: 4.624000

Name: Chris LeBlanc | Time: 5.656000

Name: Brandon Elijah | Time: 6.594000

Name: Dalton Fink | Time: 6.640000

Name: Alex Destonnis | Time: 9.734000

Name: James Hawkswell | Time: 10.014000

Name: Keith Ihrower | Time: 10.203000

Name: Ryan Collins | Time: 11.516000

Name: Devon Graham | Time: 13.483000

Name: Dante Fink | Time: 15.422000

Name: Caitlin Jones | Time: 17.171000

Name: Cohen Curin | Time: 18.983000

Name: Daniel Smith | Time: 28.342000