Canadian Military Rations (Individual Meal Packs) are In Stock!

Planning to go to a 24 hour+ game, milsim, or big event? Canadian Individual Meal Packs (IMP) rations (AKA Canadian MRE) are perfect to bring along to eat in the field! These aren’t your grandad’s K rations.

Thanks to the modernization of the options that started back in 2015 there is a huge selection of tasty meals. Options include hash browns and bacon, shepherd’s pie, chili, pulled pork, and even Canada’s national meal poutine! There are also more wild options like Indian chicken and Southwestern chipotle chicken, and Smoked meat & demi-glace sauce. Oh and yucky no more navarin (mutton in a wine sauce)! Seriously who thought mutton was something soldiers wanted. You can’t even buy mutton at the grocery store.

These are complete meals that are ready to eat. All meals are fully cooked, fully hydrated, and can be eaten cold straight from the package, or boiled to heat the food in the bag for those wanting a warm meal.

They are extremely easy to use, they are fully hydrated: no water needed to prepare food for eating! (water is needed for the drink mixture though).

Each survival ration includes a dessert, sports drink mixes, 7 3/4-inch military spork, a fully prepared hydrated meal Packaging ensures that the food stays fresh-tasting without preservatives. Soldiers will carry these in their battle backpacks where space is very valuable. Because of this each ration package is like carrying one solid brick of food. Each package is designed to provide 1200 to 1400 calories. Enough chatter, here’s some pictures to help you visualize what you get in the meals.

This is the ration itself. It comes in a paper wrapping that has a foil backing to help preserve the meals.

When we said they include a lot, we weren’t kidding. You get your main entree, but you also get some sort of bread, coffee, desert, matches, even a little compressed towel that with a little water can be hydrated to expand to a good size napkin. It’s kind of a necessity if you pick the pulled pork.

Fun Fact! One thing that is unique to the Canadian rations is how they let you know what the expiration dates are. American rations use the ancient Julian calendar for the expiration dates. The Canadian IMP rations use the modern Gregorian calendar (this is the normal calendar that you are likely familiar with) for the best before/expiration date. On the outside of the case they have a expiration date. On each meal it is printed the year that the meal was made.

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