Interview with Tactical Mike About Airsoft in Canada

mikeI am here with Tactical Mike and we’re interviewing him about getting into airsoft.

What should people know if they want to get into the sport?

Airsoft has been growing in popularity in Canada for about the last 5 years. It is much cheaper than playing paintball and way more fun! The guns are either electric, spring or gas (CO2 or green gas), they are less bulky and more realistic. You can even get biodegradable BBs to be more environment friendly.

Where do people play airsoft?

The best places would be non-populated areas; out in the fields, farms, in the woods, target ranges, and any indoor/outdoor airsoft fields in your area.  To avoid any issues, it is best never to play airsoft in highly populated areas.  Thus, removing the risk of scaring or shooting anyone passing by.

What kinds of airsoft guns are popular in Canada?

The M4 is the most popular and is a favourite here at Forest City Surplus. The AK-47 is a close second.  Finally, I would say the Thompson is quite popular as well. It’s a  WW2 Airsoft rifle with a very realistic look and feel.

As well, the Dan Wesson pistols are probably the most popular, they have a fake dummy round that you load the BB into and the BB shoots right out of the round. After that the 1911 models are also very popular.

So everything is pretty realistic then?

Yes, some of the airsoft pistols even have blowback as well, so it is very similar to a real gun.

How about shotguns and sniper rifles?

The most popular Sniper Rifle here at Forest City Surplus right now is the Mauser. It is a $169 gun that is pretty realistic with bolt action.

The most popular Shotgun right now is the Firepower MS, which has a fake grenade shell which is used in a magazine to shoot three BBs at one time which gives you a spread out shot similar to a real shotgun.

How much does it hurt to be hit by an airsoft gun?

You know when you’re hit, it does not hurt a lot but it is enough to have a little tiny sting.

Does it leave any bruises?

Yes… but it is pretty minor.

What kind of clothing protections should someone wear when they play airsoft?

You should absolutely wear a mask for sure to protect your eyes, if you get hit in the eye it has the potential to make you go blind, just like getting hit eye with any other small object traveling at high speeds. Padding is not really necessary, maybe for younger kids or for people that have a low pain threshold, but not required. A good pair of boots is also important because it is always good to have something comfortable on your feet but more importantly so that you don’t hurt yourself because of a lack of support if you are going over rough terrain. Camouflage is also a good idea, especially if you are playing in a wooded area or somewhere where you have natural cover because it is harder to be seen.

Is there anything I should know before going to an airsoft field to avoid making rookie mistakes?

I always recommend having an extra battery and ammo, because if you are in the field and your battery dies there is not always a place to recharge and your friends might not have extras.

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    Great interview Mike. You know your stuff.

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    Good choice on the Mauser. It’s a great Kraut sniper rifle.

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    I’m more an AK guy myself. It just has that infamous nature to it.

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