Airsoft Expert: Tactical Mike


Why do you love airsoft?
I love airsoft mostly because I love guns. Airsoft is also a great sport that involves many types of games. They feel very realistic and look very realistic, as well.

What are your favourite airsoft pistols?

My favourite airsoft pistol would be the Sig Sauer X-Five P226 because of how realistic it feels and the excellent blowback action. Another favourite of mine is the Taurus PT99 which features full-auto as well as semi-auto.

What are your favourite airsoft AEGs?
My favorite would be the ICS M4 Split gearbox design. The splitgear box allows the rifle to open up on a hinge. It’s much easier to modify the internals since the gearbox is split into two.

What airsoft guns do you own?
I own the King Arms M4 Ultra Grade rifle, ICS M4 rifle, ICS L85, G&G Scar-L, Lancer Tactical LT-20 M82 Sniper Rifle

Do you have a favourite sniper rifle?
My favourite is the Lancer Tactical LT-20 M82

What’s your favourite airsoft games and why?
My favourite airsoft game is team death match as it’s simple and easy to learn.  Each player gets 1-2 lives per game.

Which is your favourite the M4/M16 or AK-47 and why?
My favourite between the two is the M16 because it has a longer barrel compared to the M4. I also prefer the feel of the M4/M16 over the AK-47. I’m more familiar with the M16 or the Colt Canada C7 rifle.

What type of camouflage do you wear?
I used to wear Multicam Camouflage, but I recently switched to I wearing Atacs-FG.

How many years experience to do you have handling guns?
10 years

What real guns are you trained on?
The C7A2, C9, C6 GPMG, M72 Rocket Launcher, and the C13 Frag Grenade

What advice can you give for finding cover when playing airsoft outside?
I would always be aware of your surroundings, Be aware of windows when going around buildings. There should always be something at all times in case you need to take cover to hide and reload.

Walmart Canada and Canadian Tire have recently started selling some more airsoft guns. Why should someone buy their guns from a place that specialized in airsoft over the sporting goods section of Walmart or Canadian Tire?  
We have a much bigger selection then your local Walmart or Canadian Tire stores, as well as an airsoft range where we are able to fire off our new guns. We have knowledgeable staff in airsoft, where as their employees most likely do not. Perhaps they know about fishing, basketball, treadmills, and exercise bikes, but we specialize in airsoft guns.

Can you offer any tips on airsoft tactics for brand new players? 

Get lots of extra airsoft mags, especially mid-caps. High caps you have to spin the wheel and they can rattle around a lot, giving away your position. There’s been times when I’m playing and people have tried shooting me and all you hear is the gun dry fire, because they forgot to wind their magazines, or didn’t wind it enough. Then they get shot.
Also always have a spare charged airsoft battery, it sucks when your battery dies and you can’t play anymore.

Does camouflage make a big difference in wooded airsoft games? 
Yes it does. If you’re wearing camo it helps you blend into your environment.

What is your favourite airsoft guns currently for sale in Canada? 
My favourite would be the G&G C7A1. It looks very identical to the real C7. It also comes with a very beautiful scope.

What are your favourite G&G airsoft guns? 
I have to go with the C7 again. It’s almost identical to the real thing and it comes with a tri-rail on the front sight as well as a very nice scope.

How does hop-up help?
Hop-up controls the back spin put onto airsoft BBs, allowing it to counteract the force of gravity to increase range and accuracy.

What’s your tactical turn-offs?
Hi-caps, they sound like maracas when you’re running around. Using Tan or desert camouflage in forest areas. or just bad camouflage in general.

What’s your tactical turn-ons?

Guns with a nice sight properly sighted in, and some attachments but not too many.

2 Responses to Airsoft Expert: Tactical Mike

  1. John Rothlessburger says:

    I prefer multicam over woodland too

  2. Harry says:

    I like his gun list. That C7 is a nice weapon

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