Which Airsoft Magazine is Best for you?

magazinesHow do you know which magazine is best for you?
Here are some of the basic differences:

Mid-Capacity Magazines

  • Most popular magazine choice.
  • Realistic in nature, but allow players to hold a sufficient amount of ammo.
  • Used mainly in AEG’s, SMG’s, and rapid-firing weapons.
  • Allow the player to load a specific number of BBs, normally between 90 to 120 BBs at one particular time.

High-Capacity Magazines

  • Most popular among novice and beginner players.
  • Some intermediate players will use 1 high capacity as a backup magazine.
  • Give you the ability to carry a larger amount of BBs. Constant loading is necessary while using a high-capacity magazine in a round.
  • Magazines will typically hold between 250 to 400 BBs at one time. Unfortunately, a high-capacity magazine only gives you the ability to have only 20-30 BBs ready to fire.

Low-Capacity Magazines

  • Used for military games, war re-enactments, or any situation where realism is a main priority.
  • Many SMG’s use low-capacity magazines.
  • Popular for use with sniper rifles.

If you are still not sure which magazine is the best choice for you, you can always ask one of our Airsoft Experts at Forest City Surplus!

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