Why You Should Buy Your Airsoft Guns in Canada

import-dangersIf you shop on-line, you can sometimes find airsoft items at cheaper prices from retailers in the U.S. So why pay more to buy from Canadian airsoft stores?

First is the gun even legal in Canada?  Airsoft guns in Canada must shoot between 366 and 500 feet per second with 0.20 gram airsoft BBs. In the other countries they have different laws on the firing velocity. UK airsoft guns can fire up to 520 feet per second which is over the Canadian government limit. U.S. airsoft guns generally fire at lower velocities. Often times airsoft rifles will have springs replaced to try to get them to fire slow or fast enough to make it in between this range.

Second, the lower price may be an illusion. Add on the current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar, any credit card currency exchange fees (often 2-3 per cent), international shipping (typically double the shipping rates within the U.S.), and the brokerage fees that are added on in order to ship the purchase to Canada.  These are often comparable to the international shipping fees, when combined they will add at least $50 to $70 to your purchase price. Keep in mind that this is before the Canadian government inspects you package and adds on the applicable duty fee. If you’ve ever deal with these costs, you most likely were not expecting them. After the painful process is all said and done, the next step is actually getting your purchase.  Unfortunately, your order may, in fact, be held at customs and never allowed to enter the country.  In accordance with Memorandum D19-13-2, shipping your airsoft gun to Canada could be prohibited. Airsoft weapons are classified by the Canadian federal government as firearms or replica firearms.  Additionally, if the Canadian Government seizes your shipment, they have the right to keep your purchase without providing you any sort of return.  Unfortunately, at this point, nothing can be done to get your money back or your purchase into your possession.


In some cases, a consumer or purchaser can face imprisonment between 1-10 years, in accordance with the  Canadian Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46). The Canadian Gun Laws are tricky. Our company has had to learn them in great detail to be sure we are in compliance. You can be sure our inventory is in 100% in compliance.

So… let’s say you ordered a legal product from the US, paid all the extra fees, and finally got your airsoft gun, and then you had a problem with it. Now you have to pay for international shipping again to return it to the retailer as well as the duty to get it back to you. That’s if the retailer has a warranty policy they will honour.

Another advantage is that Canadian airsoft stores sometimes sell airsoft guns without the orange tip that is required by U.S. law.

Let us save you the time, hassle, money, and risk. By purchasing locally you skip the exchange fees, international shipping fees, brokerage fees, customs fees, paperwork, and all the other hassles involved. Be assured that your purchase is legal and covered by a warranty. Best of all, enjoy the fast shipping and expert service that Forest City Surplus is known for. Check out the customer feedback here:

It’s no wonder we’re one of the largest Ontario airsoft stores!

3 Responses to Why You Should Buy Your Airsoft Guns in Canada

  1. Anna says:

    Potential prison sentences for importation goof ups are something to fear too.

  2. Shawnee says:

    Great advice! You gents seam to know your stuff.

  3. Rick says:

    Hi! I got hit by $100.00 UPS customs brokerage fee trying to bring in 4 tactical vests from the Evike in the U.S.. That with the duty and HST I had to pay added about 50% to the cost of the vests. Took me a month to to come up with the extra $225 I needed to cover those expenses.

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