Airsoft BBs – 6MM – 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, or 0.12 gram, What weight is right?


0.12 Weight:

  • Perfect for airsoft mines as these lighter BBs fly further and faster.
  • Low cost clear airsoft guns.
  • You do not want to ever use .12g BBs in a high end gun.
  • Ideal for situations when accuracy is not a main concern.
  • Indoor target shooting.
  • Shooting at targets 6-11 feet away.

0.20 Weight:

  • High end AEG or Blowback pistols and rifle.
  • Used mainly in outdoor play and indoor play.
  • Better build quality meant for better guns.
  • Target shooting or plinking at distances of 15 feet to 25 feet.
  • This is the most popular weight of airsoft BB amongst experienced players.

0.25 Weight:

  • More consistent and accurate.
  • Better suited for outdoor situations.
  • Better suited for longer distance shots.
  • Perfect for high end pistols and rifles.
  • Very well made and great quality.

0.30 Weight:

  • For upgraded AEG’s.
  • Upgraded or Hop-up adjustable pistols.
  • Entry level sniper guns.
  • Better for high wind type situations.
  • Provides better accuracy
  • Recommended for outdoor play.
  • Used in upgraded AEG’s to slow down the overall FPS.
  • Many guns when upgraded will shoot faster than the recommended 430 FPS. Using a heavier BB will decrease the FPS substantially.

0.36 And heavier BBs:

  • Mainly used in high-end sniper rifles and high torque AEG’s.
  • Only used in outdoor type situations or in very large indoor games.
  • Can be used for high rate of fire weapon to keep the gun shooting more accurately.
  • Due to the heavier weight these airsoft BBs are least affected by crosswind.

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