Airsoft Expert: Commando Carly

Commando Carly with her AK-47 on the airsoft field

Why do you love airsoft?

Love is such a strong word, but I like airsoft because it’s a great stress reliever along with a great way to spend time outside, also shooting people with no horrible consequences is pretty rad.

What are your favourite airsoft pistols and why?

Unfortunately I don’t really play using pistols, but I would love to own a TEC-9 someday.

What are your favourite airsoft AEGs and why?

I really enjoy AK-47s, I own one myself. If I were to buy another airsoft AEG it would probably be a MP5K.

What airsoft guns do you own? Why did you purchase these guns? What do you like about them?

As mentioned before I own an airsoft AK-47 assault rifle. I purchased it mostly because one of my friends found it for an awesome deal, and it’s a gun I am somewhat familiar with. I like the folding stock along with how easy it is to adjust the hop up and also how easy it is to get to the battery.

Do you have a favourite sniper rifle? What are your thoughts on sniper rifles?

Sniper rifles are pretty rad, I’d love to own a PGM Mini-Hecate sniper rifle, but unfortunately I is way out of my price range.

What’s your favourite airsoft games and why?

I enjoy attack and defend games, being on either side doesn’t matter really, but in all honesty for me it’s just about getting to shoot people.

Which is your favourite the M4/M16 or AK-47 and why do you think that it’s better?

My bias for the AK-47 knows no bounds, so please refer to previous answers. (Also I haven’t gamed much with and M4/M16).

What type of camouflage do you wear?

Currently I wear woodland, but I’m not opposed to switching camos once my BDU’s are worn out. If you have any suggestions for future camouflage I might want to wear leave them in the comment box below.

How did you first learn about airsoft?

Through my job at Forest City Surplus.

What size airsoft speedloader do you use?

I think its max capacity is 100

What’s your tactical turn offs?

Crossing Camos (i.e. tiger stripe with urban)

What’s your tactical turn ons?

A well polished gun and a dirty uniform.

What brands of airsoft gear are you most familiar with?

Swiss arms, Valken and Condor.

Which types of gun are you most familiar with? (M4, AK…)


What are your preferred game modes/playing styles?

I prefer to defend but I’m going to try to play more offensively soon.

Modern video games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon offers players a very realistic experience. How does this compare to airsoft?

Sadly I don’t play these kinds of games so I have no really input other than it’s much easier for me to aim while playing airsoft than it is for me while playing shooting games.

Anything else that you would like to add?

Just to watch out for this commando on the battlefield 😉

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