How to be a Successful Airsoft Sniper

Airsoft sniper lining up his shot

Airsoft sniper lining up his shot

Airsoft sniping is a very difficult role to get good at. There is much more to it than just finding a comfortable location and starting to shoot people. Sniping is a special mindset that is not for everyone. You want to think of yourself as precision itself. mobile, and something that your enemy’s fear.

1. Location is Key

When your sniping the single most important thing to keep in mind is your location. You want to be elevated, but in a spot where you can get out of easily, like on a hilltop. You want the location to be covered in tall grass or some sort of foliage to help conceal yourself. Never pick a spot that is different from it surroundings, you want somewhere that is just the same as everything else. This type of location will protect you from people’s eyes being drawn to you. Remember that it never hurts to have a good ghillie suit, one that you have tweaked to suit your surroundings is even better. The last thing about your location is that you want there to be no easy way for the enemy to get to you from the rear or sides. Its best if they can get to you from a single direction. One of your greatest enemies is a rush attack from the enemy. Make sure you have a way out if it gets too intense.

2. Sighting the Enemy

Now that you have the ideal location you want to find your targets. This is no easy task. Many new snipers get very excited and this causes their aim to be awful. Take your time and slow your breathing. You don’t need to rush the first shot you fire. It is best to go for 1 shot 1 kill. Wait for your target to stop moving, and aim for the center mass. This will give you the best odds or hitting the target. Also highly recommend not following your shot. Once it has left the gun there is not much you can do for it, so reload and get ready to fire again. Never leave your location unless you are sure you have been sighted, but never shoot too many people from the same location. After taking out 3-5 enemies it might be time to think of finding a new location.

3. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Your equipment is your only real friend on the battlefield. Regular maintenance is important, and can keep your shots more on target than anything else.

Keep your sniper rifle ready for action by

  • Keeping your gun barrel clean
  • Having CO2 ready (if you’re using a CO2 powered sniper rifle)
  • Lubricating your bucking and air seals
  • Inspecting your air seal for signs of wear at the end of each season and replacing it if necessary.
  • Not storing your gun cocked as the constant compression is hard on the spring

4. What to do if Your Position is Overrun

Do not forget your trusty side arm. There will be many opportunities when the enemy is coming up on you to fast for your sniper them and you’ll need to fight your way out at close range. A semi-automatic airsoft pistol is essential for these situations. Made sure to when you have picked a location to snipe from that you lay your pistol at your side, this way it will be within arms reach of you in case you are surprised from behind.

5. Knowing the Playing Field

If you have the opportunity to scout the field you’re playing on beforehand, do so. Knowing where you can hide, and where your fallback points are will only help the team, and give you the best fighting chance. It also helps to keep distances in mind, and know your guns range. Try to find locations that will work for your equipment, and make it easier for you to get on target.

6. Movement and Roaming (bonus tip)

Some games you have the luxury of defending a specific position in others you don’t. Don’t trade in your sniper rifle just yet though. For these gameplay situations learning how to move is vital. Walk with your pistol down. Move slow! Take your time. Our eyes are naturally drawn to movement, especially fast movement. To combat this aim to move at about 3 meters (or 10-feet) every minute. If you’re using a ghillie suit moving is a little different, you want to move where there is grass or foliage that matches your ghillie. Generally when moving you want to avoid taking paths. People tend to move on paths and if you get spotted you are pretty much screwed. So keep off the trails and paths.

Take these tips and use them however you see fit. Remember that every field is different and there are a lot of unknown factors when playing airsoft. Stick to the basics, and don’t push your equipment too hard. Happy hunting.

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Our airsoft expert Zac with his airsoft gun and gear at Flagswipe Paintball just outside of London, Ontario, Canada.

Our airsoft expert Zac with his airsoft gun and gear at Flagswipe Paintball just outside of London, Ontario, Canada.

Zac Ebert is a long-time airsoft sniper. You can learn more about Zac and his DMR by reading his bio.

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