Types of Airsoft Pistols

Not sure what airsoft pistol is right for you? We review the pros and cons of spring, battery-powered, CO2, and green gas airsoft pistols.

Spring Powered Airsoft Pistols:

  • A good starter gun to learn the proper gun handling and safety practices.
  • Used for small space shooting and target practice.
  • Not recommended for on field use as they have a lower fire rate (FPS).
  • Widely available for sale at many chain stores like Wal-mart, Canadian Tire, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and more

Alkaline Battery-Powered Pistols:

  • Not suitable for use for outdoor games.
  • Designed to be used in home and for recreational purposes.
  • Low FPS and rate of fire.
  • Fun as an entry level AEG.
  • Gives the user the feel of full auto.
  • Hard to find

CO2-powered Airsoft Pistols:

  • Very popular in a lot of the main mid-level manufactures.
  • Very useful for indoor games as players can load extra magazines with CO2 cartridges; one can reload very quickly while on the field.
  • Relatively cheap to use, simple to learn, and used in high tension situations.
  • A great accessory for airsoft snipers to use as a last line of defense when the battle gets close.
  • Usually only available for purchase at specialty airsoft retailers.

CO2-powered Airsoft Revolvers:

  • Very cool looking!
  • Great for classic western or police-style games.
  • You’re limited to 6 shots before reloading.
  • Teaches you to avoid the spray and prey style firing/gameplay.
  • Refillable shells add to realism.
  • Difficult and time consuming to reload.
  • Mechanical revolving cylinder provides lots of realism.
  • Often hard to add a scope or a sight to.
  • Usually only available for purchase at specialty airsoft stores.

Green Gas Powered Airsoft Handguns:

  • Appealing to many airsoft players because the green gas has a lubricant mixed in, which lubricates your weapon as you use it.
  • Is cheaper to use ┬ábut more cumbersome to carry around while on the field.
  • Many players switch to propane once they start using green gas.
  • Only available at professional airsoft stores.


Advantages of professional training pistol vs. a cheap clear airsoft pistols

  • There is really no comparison between a professional training pistol and a cheap plastic spring pistol.
  • Much like anything else, in airsoft, you get what you pay for.
  • The build quality and overall reliability of a professional training pistol far exceeds anything offered in the form of a cheap clear airsoft pistol.
  • Professional training pistol are designed to closely mimic the look of the real gun. They are mostly made of high quality nylon fiber or steel (To match the real thing).
  • About 90% of all clear airsoft pistols on the market are single shot gun; The shooter needs to cock back the slide after every shot.
  • This is a large disadvantage when compared to the semi-automatic firing option given in all professional training pistols.

Advantages of a professional training pistol vs. a normal airsoft pistol

  • Professional is the most realistic feeling and functioning pistols on the market.
  • They are desired by police academy students, ex military, and police officers.
  • They give the ultimate experience in terms of a learning aid.
  • A professional training pistol is a desired purchase before many people buy the real thing.
  • The performance of a professional training pistol is at par with any other “normal” airsoft pistols.
  • The greatest difference is in build materials and functionality. Grip safeties, de-cocking mechanisms, and slide releasers are introduced to allow for the most realistic feel when shooting and field stripping the pistol.

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