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5 ways to upgrade your AK-47 airsoft gun


At Forest City Surplus we wanted to take a base model standard AK and turn it into something that can really dominate the field. The goal of this setup was to have a support based weapon that would excel in many different scenarios. Some of these scenarios are long range, short range, dark rooms, and tight quarters. The gun and its attachments were all chosen for certain reasons mostly thinking about these scenarios.



The main reason we chose this AK model was because it has pretty good FPS out of the box. I have found that it performs quite well range and accuracy wise without any internal modification. This means that it will perform well at range in outdoor field conditions. The next main reason we chose this weapon was because it has a folding stock which will help in close quarters indoor scenarios by cutting off about 8-inches. The last reason for this weapon choice was because of its four tactical rails. These allow us to easily attach accessories to the gun in order to make it even more fearsome. We should also mention that for those long outdoor games, the AK model carries its own cleaning rod, so should your barrel find the ground you can clean it easily while on the field.


I will now get into the attachments on the gun, starting with the gun magazine. We chose to use a 2500 airsoft BB capacity electric drum magazine in order to really be able to play the support role on the field. We can easily lay down large amounts of fire to allow our teammates to push forward, or to help our medics retrieve downed teammates. Another nice feature of that we hardly have to reload, which gives us an advantage because we have no downtime swapping magazines. This drum magazine also has electronic feed, so the feed tube can be reloaded with just a push of the feed loader button in a split second (unlike standard wheeled high cap magazines).


The next logical choice was the optic. We knew we didn’t want to leave the stock AK iron sights on the gun, so we chose a small profile red/green dot sight with adjustable intensity for the top rail. This dot sight is good for a number of reasons. The first being it has red and green colour choices. It has been proven that outdoors and in high light situations a red dot works better, however, in low light situations such as sundown outdoors, or in a dark room playing C.Q.B., a green colour is easier to use. For the darker situations we can also turn down the intensity so our sight does not get flooded with light, making it harder to see what is going on. This sight is a bit smaller than your typical red/green dot sight which helps keep your profile that much smaller, helping just a bit. It also have a very thin border so for those of you who play with both eyes open the scope seems to just disappear leaving you with your red/green dot, but not obstructing your view.


Next we had to decide on our lighting solution. When fields go dark whether outdoor or indoor you need a way to see where your Airsoft BBs are going. This Swiss Arms Flashlight we chose also has another nice feature. It has a pressure switch on a cord which allows you to mount the button to activate the light wherever is most comfortable for you. This makes for no awkward motions to turn the light on. This flashlight is also very bright allowing you to use it to blind your opponents giving you an advantage because they cannot see very well. This light mounted very easily to the gun with its own bracket, to the left rail.


To accompany our red/green dot sight we also added a Swiss Arms Laser Sight. This is to help with the one drawback to this load out. The gun with attachments is weighing in at around 10-pounds. This laser sight allows us to hip fire the gun with some accuracy. This means we can let the gun completely rest on the strap without needing to draw the gun back up to fire. We have to keep in mind that airsoft is a marathon, not a sprint. It is also helpful in situations where we cannot actually look down the sight due to a poor position. For right handed people this typically means anything that requires a left lean. This sight comes in handy when dealing with low light CQB situations when the tradeoff making a quick decision outweighs potentially giving away your position.


The final attachment we chose to adapt onto the AK was a grenade launcher. This Killhouse grenade launcher is meant for a couple specific situations. The first being when you are reloading. We tried to cut this situation down by adding the drum magazine, but there may still come a moment when you need to reload. If you find yourself being flanked or something comes around a corner for you still have some defense that can save you from being taken out of the game. The other time in which you may need to use the grenade launcher is when there are more than 2 enemies. Sometimes when clearing a room, you can find yourself running into multiple enemies in which case you’re almost certainly dead, however, there nothing more satisfying than taking 3-4 of them down with you in a single burst.

When all pieced together this combined package makes for one tough Russian bear on the battlefield.         Add more power to your AK today by checking out the comrades in the Forest City Surplus Canada airsoft department.

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