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Four Reasons to Stop the Airsoft Ban in Bill C-21: Research on Airsoft Safety

Canadian airsoft ban

Scientific and research reasons why that the airsoft ban should be stopped.

You Can Enjoy Airsoft without Ruining Your Teeth!

Should you wear a mesh face mask? We asked a dentist her opinion on whether or not airsoft players really need to put on a steel wire mesh face mask.

How to be a Successful Airsoft Sniper

Get the edge on your enemy with these tips. Learn about picking a great location, sighting, gun maintenance, what to do if your overrun, & field tips.

Airsoft Expert: The Sti

Steven in his ghillie suit playing airsoft in Canada

Long time airsoft expert The Sti tells us what went into his 250 foot range DMR, his recommendations for good base sniper rifles for upgrading and more.

Airsoft Expert: Commando Carly

Commando Carly talks about her love of the AK-47, her favourite airsoft games and more!

How to Change Your Airsoft Gun’s FPS

airsoft gun being chronographed in an airsoft range in Ontario Canada

Several tips on ways that you can increase or decrease the FPS of AEG airsoft rifles

Airsoft Expert: Zac the Sniper

Our airsoft expert Zac with his airsoft gun and gear at Flagswipe Paintball just outside of London, Ontario, Canada.

Learn from a pro about how he turned a G&G CM16 Raider CQB airsoft gun into a DMR Sniper rifle and more!

Say Hello To My Little Comrade

SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE COMRADE – By Zac Ebert At Forest City Surplus we wanted to take a base model standard AK and turn it into something that can really dominate the field. The goal of this setup was

What Airsoft Gun Scope or Sight Is Best?

Depending on your playing style and your weapon choice, the type of scope or sight you choose may vary. Here is a brief comparison of both the “Pros” and “Cons” of each major type of sight and scope for different

Why You Should Buy Your Airsoft Guns in Canada

If you shop on-line, you can sometimes find airsoft items at cheaper prices from retailers in the U.S. So why pay more to buy from Canadian airsoft stores? First is the gun even legal in Canada?  Airsoft guns in Canada